David Thaw

University of Pittsburgh | 3900 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260 | dbthaw@gmail.com

UCONN-Hallym University of Graduate Studies (HUGS) Joint Program in American Law

Since 2014, the University of Connecticut School of Law and Hallym University of Graduate Studies (HUGS), Department of American Law have offered programs in American law taught in Seoul, KR. I have been a visiting professor for many semesters since the program launched in 2014, teaching courses including Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Administrative Law, and Civil Procedure.

The official page for the program is located on the HUGS Website, and interested students should direct their questions to appropriate HUGS faculty and staff.

Courses Previously Taught by Professor Thaw:

(These links are provided solely for the convenience of HUGS students enrolled in my classes, and all official inquiries should be directed to HUGS faculty and staff.)